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on may 15, 2004, tamar had been living in the westmont apartment complex for only 9 days. yet, after spending a year in a studio apartment far away from the true jewish upper west side community, she was excited to meet new people. she had reserved a spot for the shabbat luncheon, sponsored by the ohab zedek young professionals, which was held at the enormously delicious moroccan restaurant, darna, but it ended early. fortunately, she was also invited to another meal in the building.

after trudging up eleven flights of stairs back at the westmont, she finally made it to the apartment. the timing could have not been better: the main course was just about finished, and everyone was chatting. with all the new faces, including a quiet brian in the middle of the room, tamar also recognized a few familiar faces, including brian's roommate, david.

david had been telling tamar about brian for a few weeks now. they both were into technology, and brian was known as "the photographer." (his website, railfanwindow, speaks for itself.) tamar, on the other hand, was working to perfect her photography skills, but knew she had a long way to go.

since the room was filled with people, tamar was not introduced to brian until after the meal concluded, when she decided to walk with the pair to central park. she was excited to finally put a name with a face, and she had much to talk to brian about thereafter.

the rest is basically history. tamar and brian were great friends, as he lived on the fourth floor, and she on the third. beyond a friendship that consisted of spiritual and intellectual growth, they enjoyed each other's company immensely. they watched movies together, and more importantly, caught up on all three seasons of 24. they practiced photography together. they spent saturday nights eating pizza at cafe roma. they spent many shabbos meals together. tamar learned more about subways and trains in a period of weeks than she ever thought she'd learn in her entire lifetime.

of course, it doesn't end there. on september 22, 2004, brian told tamar that he loved her and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life together with her. after spending the best months of her life with brian, tamar knew that he was her one and only prince charming, and then, they were engaged.

on march 20, 2005, tamar and brian became united as husband and wife at a beautiful wedding ceremony in the westmount country club, located in west paterson, new jersey. they are so happy that so many of their loved ones partook in their simcha, and hope that you have enjoyed reading their story.

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picture credits: brian and tamar, their family and friends, and danny from precious moments photographers in fort lauderdale, florida.

this page was coded by tamar in notepad. the photos were taken with a canon powershot s500 belonging to tamar, a canon powershot g5 belonging to brian, a canon powershot s200 belonging to brian, a nikon d100 digital SLR belonging to danny, and a sony dsc-f828 belonging to anthony german.

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